Google Phone app gets a nifty feature to help you avoid unwanted phone calls

Imagine you’re in the middle of something very important and your phone rings in the distance, completely killing your concentration.

You now have to get up, pick up your phone, and see who’s calling. Well, the Google Phone app is finally giving you an out with a new caller ID feature.

Should you choose to activate it, the new Google Phone feature will announce the name and number for all incoming calls. Yes, it’s a pretty basic feature that was lacking from the app before, but the current stable version adds it in the form of a new setting called “Caller ID Announcement.”
You can find the feature on the main settings page of the app. Tapping it opens up an “Announce caller ID” option. From here, you can set it on for all calls, only when using a headset, or turn it off completely. You can see the screenshots above for reference.

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