The Morning After: Tesla Model S prototype with retractable spoiler spotted

Free streaming services, not to mention teaser shows or trials, continue to persist.

Amazon’s latest entry is another free video streaming offering, this time in India, which differs to its existing ad-supported IMDb TV already available the US.

MiniTV mostly focuses on older — and presumably cheaper — content, including a mix of material designed for other platforms, like YouTube, but you can expect “new and exclusive” videos in the future.

It’s available through Amazon’s Android app for now, with plans to hit iOS and the web soon. For now, however, the service is sticking to India. Amazon isn’t the only one cautiously testing services. PlayStation is testing its own video streaming offering in Poland. Depending on how it fares, maybe we’ll see elsewhere. Or maybe we won’t.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid should be fast, but the company may even tweak the design to handle that added performance. YouTube channel The Kilowatts spotted a Model S prototype (most likely the Plaid or Plaid+) with a retractable spoiler built into the trunk.

There’s no certainty the finished Plaid models will reach drivers with retractable spoilers built-in, however. The base Plaid is set for a late-summer launch, while the Plaid+ is expected to arrive in mid-2022. Continue reading.

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